How To Choose A DJ Setup.

How to buy the best DJ setup for you personally. How your favorite styles and your track collection helps tell you what DJ setup you will suit you best.

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A lot of info on the internet will try to tell you that there is a “best” DJ setup. This is just WRONG!! The gear which would be best for a hip-hop DJ doing lots of scratching on vinyl would be no good at all for a trance DJ who owns only mp3’s for example.

So before you even think about looking at DJ equipment, first look at your existing track collection that you would use DJing, in terms of what style(s) you’ll be spinning, and what mediums they are on now. Other point worth considering is what is currently trendy for the kind of DJing you want to do, and the practicalities of DJing. For example some types of DJ battles aren’t going to be won by people using anything but vinyl. On the other hand a DJ with a huge collection of mp3’s working with the right software can instantly find any track by name, artist, or bpm and beat-mix perfectly with little training by using a software-based (or hybrid) system.

Once you have some idea of your needs, the main choice will be between hardware, software or hybrid. A hardware setup might typically include two vinyl or CD decks (or sometimes ports for iPods) plus a DJ mixer. There are some great software options for DJing from a laptop, plus various hybrid options such as controlling software from vinyl or CD decks or from a specially-designed control surface. Hybrid approaches can offer the best of both worlds.

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